Painting Yumla, Hong Kong, with Martin McGuinness

Original post by Fraser Gray

One of the first videos we ever made documenting the mural painting process, shows a young 20year Martin McGuinness and a young 20year old self painting club Yumla in Hong Kong. The video made by Ruaridh Crighton, shows our journey to Hong Kong through to the completion of the wall. The whole project was a blast and everyone we met there where incredible, and even though our painting style has changed a lot since, I always look back on this wall fondly.

We were staying in Chung King Mansions (check out Wong Kar-Wai’s film ChungKing Express) for under £6 a night in a room that was only big enough to physically fit the 3 of us in it, with some heavy smells coming off all of us from being out in the heat all day.

On the last day we somehow managed to leave all the borrowed camera equipment in the back of a taxi, and then through some incredible twist of fate get it all back again (anyone from hong kong will know this is a true miracle). Within hours of our flight leaving, we headed to the airport, only to leave all the equipment on the train station platform again. We rushed back to get it, to find that the staff had locked it away in the back of the station thinking it was a bomb.




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